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Orange Zone Restrictions

Dear Parishioners,

            Because of the increase in the Covid-19 cases in Erie County the Governor has placed more restrictions on gatherings.  It saddens me to have to say that there will be no publicly attended Masses this weekend, November 21 and the 22nd.  We will be live streaming this weekend Saturday at 4:30 pm, Sunday 8 am, 10 am, and 12 pm Noon.  I will celebrate all of them because in the homily I am going to address the present situation.  The 10:00 am Mass will have a children’s message as well as the adult message.  On Thanksgiving Day, there is no publicly attended Mass, however, we will be live streaming the Mass at 10 am.  We will continue to have publicly attended weekday Masses as long as we do not exceed the 25 person attendee limit.                   

            Please do not give in to fear and anxiety, hold on to Jesus.  Stay connected to one another and to your parish.  We do live streaming, podcasts, and provide an excellent web page and bulletin.  If you know of someone who is not connected to the internet, either download the bulletin through our website and let them read it on your device or call the rectory to put their name on our bulletin mailing list.

            Concerning up coming weeks, I will be sending you another detailed update early next week.

            Let us pray for one another and for those who are suffering.

        In Christ,

            Fr. David Bellittiere

Christmas Cookie Sale 2020

Our Ladies Sodality is sponsoring their Annual Christmas Cookie Sale. Cut-outs, cucidate, and a wide assortment of your Christmas favorites are going to be baked to sweeten up your holiday season. The sale will take place in our Parish Hall on Dec. 5 & 6. Pre-orders must be received by Dec. 2 for pickup during the sales. Order now to insure that you will have your favorites. More information on the sale and how to pre-order at … Christmas Cookie Sale LINK.

Faith Formation program

Open to anyone in the parish and friends of the parish, also.  We invite you, one and all to come and learn more, experience more, and enjoy more about your faith.  This program is for families, individuals, young, old, short, tall; anyone who wants to learn and experience their faith in new ways.

There is no registration or commitment to attend these sessions.  We will post the topics and you are welcome to come.  Our sessions will be held in Msgr. Ebner Hall and we will take all precautions to protect all who attend.  If you can’t make a certain session or if you are ill and cannot attend then you can watch it as it is live streamed or watch it on you tube or our Facebook page.

Faith Formation Sessions.

The next Faith Formation session will be held on Saturday, November 21st from 9:30 AM until 11:30 AM*** Update … plans have changed and this session will be virtual. Go to our Faith Formation page (LINK) for additional details *** We will be learning about and discussing, “Advent, Our Hope in the Darkness”.  We are blessed to have, Sister Elizabeth Mackowiak, as our guest speaker.    Activities will include making an Advent Wreath, Southwestern Style… does that pique your interest?  Every family and/or individual will make one so we need you to RSVP so that we can have enough supplies. You will receive a succulent candle, three purple candles, one pink one, a container, and some beads or small rocks.   If you would like to bring some of your own embellishments, be our guest.  They are meant to be exclusively yours!

…… Please RSVP before 11/16/2020

Please note the time change:  9:30 AM until 11:30 AM.  We’ve been noticing that many families have activities at 12:00 PM, so they have to leave by 11:30 AM.  This change will be permanent for this year.  Thanks for understanding! 

Resource materials for the Faith Formation sessions are available for download and printing on our Faith Formation page … Faith Formation Program LINK.

Remember that this event will be live streamed so that it can be viewed online while it’s happening or at a later date/time on YouTube.  To find us on YouTube please use the following link … 14 Holy Helpers YouTube Channel LINK.   We will have materials available at the rectory for those who will be virtually joining us. 

Please remember that this will be the last opportunity for you to bring in your goodies to fill the stockings for the children of St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy.  We have 24 stockings without anything to fill them with.  Please be as generous as you can.

Our schedule through the first quarter of 2021 is at … Faith Formation Program LINK.

St. Luke’s and Dream Weavers … Our Faith Formation Program is asking for your help on Buffalo Dream Weavers which helps St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy and other groups who provide help to the needy in the City of Buffalo. We’ve helped with both the Easter basket and warm clothing drive the past three years. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we are asking you to help this group with their Christmas Stocking collection. The following are items we are still looking for that they’ve asked us to include in our targeted number of 150 stockings:
•  children’s stockings (we have 32)
•  5 gift card from Tim Hortons, Burger King, or McDonald’s
•  gender neutral toys such as washable markers, colored pencils, crayons, coloring books, and small stuffed animals
Your contributions can be brought in to the Rectory by December 4th. For some background and details … Dream Weavers LINK.

Chapel up High

14HH Chapel Up High v2A chapel has been organized at 14 Holy Helpers to make it easy for you to be in the presence of our risen Lord while maintaining social distancing precautions. A consecrated Eucharist has been placed in a monstrance in the sun room on the second floor of the Rectory. This new chapel is available for you to stop by in the parking lot to spend 14HH Chapel Up Higha little time with Jesus and say a prayer in the privacy and safety of your car. This chapel will be lit for easy viewing so you may stop by the parking lot at any time during the day or night. There will be no inside access, so use your car, and PLEASE respect social distancing norms to help stop the spread of the virus.

As noted below, the Shrine of Mary is also open for you to light a candle. When you stop by to visit our new chapel we invite you to also stop at this shrine to Mary.

Prayer Line

Fr. David has set up a Prayer Line phone number … (716) 675-2592 … accessible 24 hours per day. He records a few prayers and gives us a few thoughts to help us deal with these difficult times. The prayers are periodically changed so call for the new prayer whenever you need to “pray with a friend”.

Continued Financial Support for the Parish is Needed

This period of time when we have been required to cancel public Masses and all parish events and services should certainly be considered one of the most difficult periods in the 156 year history of our parish. We have tried to maintain some level of services while making them available through social media and this website. Even through this time of decreased activity, a number of expenses continue to be incurred … utilities, insurance, maintenance, and payrolls to name a few.

Without public Masses and the weekend collections we have seen an almost complete stop to the revenues needed to sustain the parish. We need you to continue your financial support of 14 Holy Helpers. Several options are available to deliver your weekly or monthly donations to our parish:

  1. Drop off at the Rectory. Even though the staff is working remotely from their homes, please use a sealed envelope to drop off your donation at the slot to the right of the outer door at the entrance of front entry hall of the Rectory.
  2. Postal Mail. You can use the postal mail service to send in your donation. Use an envelope of your own or just add a stamp to the address flap of the regular donation envelopes which we have provided to parishioners.
  3. Electronic Donation. Two options are available for electronically providing donations to 14 Holy Helpers parish. Both provide the ability for one time donations as well as setting up recurring donations for your convenience. They can be found near the bottom of the far right column on our Home Page
    • On-Line Giving (Vanco): This service allows you to provide one time or recurring donation payments using either a credit/debit card or automatic withdrawals from a checking or savings account.
    • PayPal: This service also allows you to provide electronic donations to our parish. If you are a PayPal member you can submit the donation from your PayPal account and even set up automatic monthly recurring donations. Non-members may still submit one-time donations through PayPal using their credit/debit card.

While challenged with the need to maintain social distancing we are trying to continue to provide you with the services you need to sustain our faith. Your continued financial support is so important to sustain our parish during these difficult times. Of course as always, our willingness to support you is never dependent on your ability to provide financial donations or the level of those donations. Let us know how we can help you.

Support those who Support Us

We have been blessed to enjoy the support of our local business community over the past year. They have provided our parish, and the events and services we produce, with money, products, and services donations. Through their generous donations we have been able to generate needed revenue to work toward our mission and serve the local community.

Due to the recent coronavirus health crisis, many businesses have been forced to either temporarily close or operate in a restricted environment. Even those not as directly impacted have had to operate in a new world of social distancing, working environment cleansings, or managing a remote work force. Our supporting businesses stood up to help 14 Holy Helpers when we called … Businesses that Support 14 Holy Helpers LINK. Please consider supporting them with your patronage when you are in need of the goods or services that they provide to the community. Thank them and let them know that 14 Holy Helpers appreciates their support.

Diocesan Bankruptcy

On February 28, 2020 the Corporation of the Diocese of Buffalo petitioned the Federal Court for Chapter 11 Reorganization status. An information booklet is available that outline the Diocesan position and recent actions in this matter … Diocesan Reorganization booklet. The Diocese of Buffalo has created a resource page on their website which provides additional information in regard to the reorganization … LINK to Diocesan Reorganization page. That page also contains links to resource documents including a number of documents filed in Court as part of the Ch. 11 request.

On-Line Giving

On-line giving to 14 Holy Helpers is processed through a program managed by Vanco Payment Solutions.  Vanco is a large on-line payment processor for faith based organizations and is used by a number of parishes in the Diocese of Buffalo. As a PCI Level 1 compliant service provider they are dedicated to protecting the security and privacy of our donors.

Making your payments on-line is easy.  You can access our on-line system by clicking the blue Offering button found in the right hand column of our Home Page (see button below).  You have the option to set up a donor profile to save your information for multiple donations … or make a one time donation without setting up a profile.  Donations can be made via credit card or ACH withdrawal from a checking or savings account.

The system is available now.  Call the Parish Business Manager, Rick Donovan, at the Rectory (716) 674-2374 with any questions.

Parish Pictorials

We have started to collect the history of our parish life through photographs. If you have any pictures that you would like to share with us please contact our Webteam. Our current collection can be seen at the following link … 14 HH Pictorial.

Parish E-Mail List Sign up for the Parish Email List. Through our emails you’ll get information and reminders about parish news and life delivered right to your in-box. You can subscribe at the following link … Subscribe