Audio Recordings

Masses Available Over the Internet

We have been recording some of our weekend Masses and are making them available to you over the internet. Audio recordings are now available for download for listening on your computer or for podcast access to an MP3 player. There is no charge for access to our Mass recordings.

The podcasts and audio recordings on our website can be accessed and heard in several ways:

1. Listen on your PC, tablet, or smartphone … by accessing this website using the internet browser on your PC, tablet, or smartphone where you can simply click the podcast/audio file links to listen right then to the broadcast, or download for later listening. If you use an RSS reader, that subscription service is also available. 
2. Podcast app … for smartphones or tablets, you may have an app that let’s you download podcasts for playback.

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Users … 14 Holy Helpers Masses are now available on Apple’s iTunes. To see a download list, click here … 14 Holy Helpers iTunes.  Our downloads are available at no charge.

Interested? Go to 14 Holy Helpers Audio Recordings for a listing of available Mass recordings and podcasts.

Act of Spiritual Communion … For those not able to physically receive the physical Body and Blood of Jesus in the Eucharist, this may be prayed at Communion time while listening to an audio recording of a Mass or a live stream.

Fr. David recites the Act of Spiritual Communion so you can listen to the prayer … Act of Communion LINK.

Follow along with the Act of Spiritual Communion …