Saint Vitus

Feast Day June 15

St. Vitus was born in Sicily, the son of a pagan senator. Vitus was baptized in early youth through the influence of his pious nurse, Crescentia. His father tried to persuade him to give up his faith but he would not. Finally, he left home and went to southern Italy in the company of Crescentia and her husband Modestus. There, because of their virtuous lives, they were soon recognized as Christians. They refused to sacrifice to the false gods and were martyred in the year 303. St. Vitus was only 12 years old.

St. Vitus is the patron of youth and coppersmiths and is invoked against epilepsy, St. Vitus dance and also against storms, fire and lightning.  He is shown as a youth clad in silken robes, carrying a palm in his hand.