Sodality of Our Lady

Sodality of Our LadyThe Sodality of Our Lady members strive to sanctify themselves and all whom they come into contact with; the members attain this through spiritual and temporal projects.

We enrich our spiritual life through a variety of devotions. Each month before our meetings we attend Mass, preceded by the recitation of the Rosary. A trip to Our Lady of Fatima in May is always a rewarding pilgrimage. Participating in the crowning of Mary and the Living Rosary are additional ways in which we enhance our spiritual life and relationship with Mary.

Temporal projects done throughout the year are fundraising affairs that help us to contribute financially to our church and a variety of other organizations. The members of the Sodality of Our Lady also serve as ministers of hospitality for many of our parish events. Each month the Sodality of Our Lady offers a fresh approach to some activity, spiritual or temporal. New ideas are always welcome.

To the ladies of the parish, for the reasons above, please consider joining the Sodality of Our Lady. You will not only get to see who we are as an organization, but more important, the many ways being a member of Sodality praises and honors our Blessed Mother.