Faith Formation Program

Summer Program for West Seneca Cluster Churches

With rules and regulations changing in the spring, we were not able to plan for a June program. Instead, we have planned for this year’s program to run from Monday, August 23rd through Friday, August 27th. We are very aware of current conditions and the fact that sanitization and prevention of disease need to be a priority in this year’s program.

All the details for the summer program are included as well as the registration form. If this is the program for you, then please follow the instructions and send the registration form … Registration Form LINK … with the full amount due by August 10th. The tuition fee is $60 per student (no discounts). Again, this program will run from Monday, August 23rd through Friday, August 27th. More details can be found on the back of the registration form.

Due to the pandemic some students did not attend sessions last year. If you did not enroll your child for the 2020 – 2021 Faith Formation year, please call my office at the above, phone number or email me at and we can discuss how your child can “make up” what was missed the previous year. Please do not allow your child’s faith formation to fall by the wayside because of last year’s hardships. One’s faith life should be the most important aspect of the person as a whole individual. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at the above phone number. Thank you. We’re looking forward to seeing both you and your child in August.

Printable Version of this information … Summer Program Information LINK.
Registration Form … Registration Form LINK

Faith Formation Topics and Dates

October 3, 2020Jesus/Discipleship
October 24, 2020Rosary/Meditation
November 21, 2020 (not being held in person … virtual link details to be published)Advent
December 19, 2020Christmas
January 23, 2021The Creed
February 27, 2021Lent
April 17, 2021Resurrection, Pentecost, and the Holy Trinity

Resource Materials to Download for Faith Formation Sessions

April 2021 Session … Resurrection, Pentecost, and the Holy Trinity

  • Youth Materials … materials.. LINK
  • Middle Materials … materials … LINK
  • Teen Materials … materials … LINK
  • Adult Materials … materials … LINK

February 2021 Session … Lent

  • Youth Materials … Ashes and Holy Week Sheets … LINK
  • Middle Materials … Lent worksheets … LINK
  • Teen Materials … Lent worksheets … LINK
  • Adult Materials
    40 Days of Lent … LINK
    The Way of the Cross … LINK
  • Materials for All Groups
    Lenten Calendar … LINK
    When is Lent … LINK
    The Last Supper … LINK
    The Passion according to Matthew … LINK

January 2021 Session

December 2020 Christmas Session …

  • Youth Materials … LINK
  • Middle Materials … LINK
  • Teen Materials … LINK
  • Adult Materials … LINK

November 21, 2020 Session …

  • All Students and Families
    • Advent Calendar … LINK
  • PreK – 5
    • Basic Materials for all PreK – 5 … LINK
    • Additional Materials for PreK – 3 … LINK
    • Additional Materials for 4 – 5 … LINK
  • Adult
    • Materials for adults … LINK

October 24, 2020 Session …

  • Adult
    • The Rosary … LINK
    • I am the Lady of the Rosary coloring page … LINK
    • Meditation … LINK
  • All Students
    • Halloween Shine in Me Coloring Page … LINK
    • The Rosary for Children A Guide Activity Book 1 … LINK
    • The Rosary for Children A Guide Activity Book Packet for Students … LINK
    • How to Say the Rosary Handout … LINK
  • PreK – 3
    • Our Father word bank … LINK
    • Hail Mary puzzle … LINK
    • Hail Mary game board … LINK
    • The Rosary for Children A Guide Activity Book Packet … LINK
    • Trinity and Candy Corn … LINK
    • Kennedy Joyful Mysteries coloring book … LINK
  • Grades 4 – 6
    • The Rosary for Children A Guide Activity Book Packet … LINK
    • Apostles’ Creed … LINK