Saint Catherine

Feast Day November 25

St. Catherine of Alexandria, Egypt was of noble birth and very beautiful. She was extremely intelligent and was endowed with profound knowledge of philosophy and theology and a heart full of love and zeal for Christ. During the persecution of Maximinus, she defended Christianity so brilliantly that many of her opponents accepted the faith and died for it. She was bound to a a wheel set with knives but the wheel miraculously broke and she was set free. She died at the age of 18 in the year 307.

St. Catherine is patroness of teachers, scholars and Catholic schools. Her aid is sought in diseases of the tongue and she is invoked for the grace of a happy death and for the conversions of sinners. She is shown as a virgin with a crown on her head, clothed in a precious mantle; in her right hand she carries the martyrs palm branch; at her feet is a broken wheel.