Children’s Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Young children of the parish, 3 years old and up, are welcome to participate in the liturgy at the 9AM Mass on Sunday mornings throughout the year … even through the summer. Early in the Mass, the priest and Children’s Liturgy of the Word Committee will invite the children attending into the sacristy along with any adults wishing to join with their children.  In the sacristy, the Committee will work with the children to help make the weekly Scripture readings come alive in new and different ways.  The children and adults play active roles in discussing the weekly readings and “seeing the readings in their lives”.  They will return to their family after the Gospel and Prayers of the Faithful.  Parents are welcome to come with their children to the sacristy until they feel comfortable on their own.

Again, the children will be encouraged to participate by coming up in the sanctuary to join the Mass celebrant and gather around the altar together during the Eucharist.

Any adults interested in joining our Children’s Liturgy of the Word Committee team, please contact the Kathy Jakubowski at 697-8707. We’d love to have you join us!  If you have any questions about the participation of your children in this Mass or the activities that go on in the sacristy, please contact Kathy.

Download and print the following flyer which gives a nice recap of our program with additional information … Children’s Liturgy of the Word