Website Team


Our Parish website at has seen a resurgence in usage over the past few months. We have a great starting point but we want to make it an even more useful source of information about parish organizations and events, along with adding other exciting new features.

To help our website grow into an even more valuable source of information for our parish community … WE NEED YOU!! We are building a team of people interested in volunteering to work on the development of our website and email communications. Possibly interested?  Here are the qualifications that you will need:

1. Able to talk to people in our parish in order to collect information about events and organizations
2. Can translate into written words what they hear in conversations
3. Interested in taking digital photographs at parish events
4. Has a commitment toward being of service to your parish

If you have any of the above qualifications, get to your computer and immediately contact Tom Wojcik by email at