Tuesday Night Prayer Group

Almost every Tuesday night throughout the year a group of faithful, hopeful people gathers to raise their hearts and minds to God.  They request good things from God.  These people come to pray.

The Tuesday Night Prayer Group at 14 Holy Helpers meets in a relaxed atmosphere.  There is little sense of formality.  A typical evening starts with some informal conversation to reacquaint with each other as friends and welcome any newcomers who decided to attend that evening.

Our meeting starts by praying the Rosary. We’ll then read together some passages from a book in the Bible.  Recently we’ve been reading and talking about Acts.

For each week we meet, some time will be spent in previewing and trying to understand the Sunday Mass readings. What was their context in regard to the events of the time … what is God trying to tell us … what do the readings mean to us?

Our group maintains a Prayer List with the names of people who someone has asked to include as a special intention in our prayers.  There is no specific or minimum criteria for inclusion … just the need for prayer.   If you know someone who is in need for a special intention in our prayers to God, please contact us. All prayer requests are confidential and you can use only first names if you like.

In emergency situations which cannot wait until our weekly meeting, the members of our group maintain a phone chain so we can alert each other to the need for a special prayer intention.  The power of prayer is strong and there are times when the need cannot wait until Tuesday night.

While we have had a number of people who have joined us from time to time, our core group of 7 – 10 people faithfully meet most weeks. Please consider joining us on Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM in Meeting Rm 2 (turn left as you enter the Hall foyer) of our Parish Hall at 13445 Indian Church Road, West Seneca, NY.  If you have any questions or want to add someone to our Prayer List, feel free to contact Bill Kruger by phone (716) 316-1229 or email Nybpbill@aol.com, David Bishop by phone (716) 674-2070, or Kathie Cryan by phone (716) 668-5450.  There are no conditions on attendance … even non-parishioners are invited to attend.

Sorry, but we have no dues to pay, no raffle tickets to sell. We hope to see you on Tuesday and join with us in prayer to God.