Saint Cyriacus

Feast Day August 8

St. Cyriacus live din Rome in about the year 300. He was ordained a deacon in the church of Rome by Pope Marcellinus for his acts of charity to the poor and given care of the needy Christians of Rome. he was imprisoned for his help to the needy people and those forced to work at hard labor under the Emperor Diocletian. he converted many to the faith. St. Cyriacus was tortured and died for his faith in the year 309.

He is pictured dressed as a deacon. The serpent he holds represents the evil of Satan being held in check by the faithful of God. he is regarded as a helper against the temptation of the devil, particularly in the hour of death.

The feast of Cyriacus is celebrated on the same day as the Solemnity of The Fourteen Holy Helpers.