14 Holy Helpers Help Line

Everybody has a question or concern and may need a hand at one time or the other.

  • “No Masses, no services … part of my life is missing”
  • “What’s going to happen during Holy Week and Easter”
  • “When I go to the store the shelves are empty. How can I get food to eat?”
  • “The Lenten Penance service was canceled. Will I have a mortal sin on my soul if I don’t go to confession during Lent”
  • “With every event and service being canceled, I haven’t seen or talked to anyone from the parish in a few weeks. Is the parish still open?”
  • “Not having anyone to talk to is so depressing. If only someone would call.”
  • “My husband lost his job and I have a family at home to feed. Can anyone help?
  • “My Mom passed away last week but we couldn’t have a proper wake and burial for her family and friends. I can’t get over losing her. Will she forgive me?”
  • “I need a prescription but don’t have a way to pick it up”
  • “With the closings due to the virus. my son was laid off from his job at the restaurant. Where should he go to file for unemployment?”

14 Holy Helpers is starting a service to offer information and direct assistance where we have resources available. We can also connect you with someone to talk to about religious and spiritual concerns or dealing with the grief and issues of losing a dear friend or family member.

The 14 Holy Helpers Help Line offers a confidential contact point via phone (716-674-2374 ext. 25) or email (HelpLine@14HH.org) when you have a question or need a hand. (See the note below in case of an emergency.) While the Catholic parish family of 14 Holy Helpers in West Seneca, NY is our immediate responsibility, we will take your call no matter wherever you live in Western New York, no matter if you are a Catholic or not. We will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible … let us know if the matter is urgent and the best way to reply.

Once we understand your need we can give you an honest assessment as to how we can help. Even if we are not able to offer direct assistance we may be able to direct you to a resource better equipped to work with you. Reach out to us at 14 Holy Helpers. You are not alone.

….. For Medical Emergencies, call 911 or go to the closest Urgent Care center or Hospital
….. For Police or Fire Emergencies, call 911

In the Resources section of this website we have set up a Resources and Contacts page … Resource LINK … to collect information which may be helpful to those in need of assistance. Covid-19 crisis lines, food and meal availability contacts, NYS unemployment insurance contact line, and Public Safety and emergency services lines are examples of the info provided.