Lenten Packet

Dear Friend in Christ,

          After all that has happened this past year, we all need to re-center our lives on Jesus.   This Lenten packet was created to assist you in achieving that goal.  The staff and myself are willing to assist you as you grow and help your family focus on Christ.  Please do all you can to help others grow in the faith.  We need each other.

          May Almighty God shower His blessings upon you and your family.

                                                                                Peace and healing,

                                                                                Fr. David

This packet includes the following:

A Scriptural Way of the Cross for Lent … LINK

Offering Up … LINK
… Fasting and Abstinence
… Sharing Your Resources with Others
… Prayer and Worship

The Prayer Process … LINK

“Fasting and Feasting” by William A. Ward … LINK

Daily Inspiration Lent Calendar … LINK

Calendar of Daily Readings During Lent … LINK

Praying with the Scriptures: Lectio Divina … LINK

Lentopoly Game (a family activity)
… Overview … LINK
… Game board instructions, and playing materials … LINK