Welcome Message to All

Welcome to all of you … our Faith Family!

Whether you are a regular member, visitor, or a just once in a while attendee, you are a part of our Fourteen Holy Helpers Faith Family. We are very glad that you are here! Every year we pull out all the stops for you. Look around and see the renovations and decorations in our Church and on the grounds. Listen to the music, prayers, people greeting each other, and the meal we set out for you. You are present for the greatest celebration where you will feast on the Word of God and His Body and Blood.

St. Benedict reminds us that every person, whether young, old, healthy or sick, has a special role to fulfill to keep the family strong. Look through the pages, postings, and pictures on this website and the linked Facebook pages. See all the wonderful activities that have happened because of dedicated volunteers and many prayers. If you volunteered or attended the activities then you know how great they were. If you didn’t come, plan on joining in and becoming more active this year. Pray about the way you can fulfill your role in building God’s kingdom.

Always remember that you are in our prayers. A Mass is celebrated at Fourteen Holy Helpers each week during the entire year for you and your intentions.

We pray that you and those you love will be drawn deeper into the heart of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. May this year overflow with God’s choicest blessings. May the Holy Family … Jesus, Mary, and Joseph … surround you and your family with their loving arms and hold you close to their hearts.

In Christ’s love,

Your family in faith at Fourteen Holy Helpers