Theme Baskets: Five Sheets, customer selects individual baskets


Price for each set of 5 sheets = $20.00

A variety of premium theme baskets have been created for the Theme Basket event at Spring Fest 2021.  To have something of interest to everyone, we are offering multiple theme baskets in each of 7 categories:

  • Trending Toys
  • Coffee or Tea
  • Baking and Cooking
  • Beauty, Health and Wellness
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • For the Mature in the Crowd
  • Fun Family


In purchasing these sheets of tickets you will come to the Parish Hall and deposit your tickets for the individual baskets that you select.

The final drawing for basket winners will be held in the afternoon on Sunday March 28 after the conclusion of Masses.  Winners will be notified later that day.  Basket pickup is planned for Monday, March 29 from 2 – 6 pm in the Parish Hall.

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Purchasing Information

  1. Each sheet of theme basket tickets contains 25 tickets. This purchase provides 5 sheets for the price of 4.
  2. The baskets themselves will not be on direct display.  To reduce the exposure to the Covid-19 virus during this pandemic, we will be displaying pictures of each basket along with a description of its contents.
  3. During a normal theme basket event the opportunity for handling the baskets cannot be eliminated. We are taking this step to increase the level of safety for our customers. If you have any questions or concerns about the contents of a basket please bring them to the Theme Basket table in the Hall foyer.
  4. Online purchase, customer basket selection … If you buy theme basket ticket sheets for customer basket selection, you can pick them up and make your basket selections while we are selling theme basket sheets after Masses. You can also pick them up in the Rectory during business hours or during Spring Fest weekend in the Hall.  Refer to the information on our website … 14 HH Spring Fest 2021 LINK … for our event schedule.
  5. Online purchase, basket category selection … if you buy theme basket ticket sheets for basket category selection, our event volunteers will deposit your tickets in the category that you select.  You do not need to come to the Hall to select individual baskets. We will deposit the tickets as evenly as possible. For example, if you select a category with 7 baskets. We will deposit 3 of the 25 tickets for each basket in the category.  That would use 21 of the 25 tickets. The remaining 4 tickets would be deposited randomly among the baskets in that category.
  6. If you select payment by check, you must deliver your payment to the Rectory before we can provide you with your ticket sheets. NO EXCEPTIONS. You are responsible for any check return fees from the bank if your check is not accepted for deposit.
  7. Ways to deliver your payment:
    Postal Mail.   Checks may be postal mailed but we are not responsible for any delays in postal delivery.
    Deliver to Rectory. Checks may be personally delivered to the Rectory during normal business hours (Mon – Thurs, 9am – 1pm). You may also drop your checks in the secured mail slot to the right of the Rectory entrance door which faces Indian Church Road.
    Drop in Collection.   Mark an envelope that it is a Spring Fest payment and deposit it in the collection box at weekend Masses.
    Bring to Spring Fest.  Bring your payment to the Theme Basket sales desk after Masses or in the Hall during Spring Fest weekend.
  8. All online purchases are final … no returns.