Summerfest Bracelets: 3 Tickets


Price for three tickets = $10.00

Willabee & Ward Charming Year Bracelets – 12 charm bracelets, one for every month of the year!

From January to December, there’s a beautiful bracelet in store just for you! You’ll have a “spooktacular” time wearing the October bracelet, featuring exquisitely crafted pumpkins and ghosts. The February bracelet will warm your heart with its bright red hearts and a “Be My Valentine” charm. From Saint Patrick’s Day to Christmas, and many more, there’s a perfect charm bracelet for every month to complement any outfit throughout the year. Each 8″ bracelet features approximately 15 individually themed charms in brilliant colors. All the bracelets are beautifully displayed in a wooden case with a glass cover. Valued at over $400.

The bracelets will be on direct display in the Parish Hall on August 5, 6, and 7 during event hours.

The final drawing for the bracelet set winner will be held in the afternoon on Sunday August 7 at the end of the event.  Winners will be notified later that day.  You will be notified for a time to pick up your bracelets.

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Purchasing Information

  1. This “product” enables the purchase of three tickets to be entered in the drawing for the set of 12 Willabee & Ward Charming Year Bracelets. Save 50% over purchasing 3 tickets individually.
  2. Your tickets will be available at the door during the event on August 5, 6, and 7.  If you want your sheet earlier, contact Ginny at (716) 512-3221 or email to to make arrangements.
  3. Payment for any check orders must be received by July 31.  If payment is not received by that date then we may not be able to complete your order.