Minestrone Soup … pint (16oz.)


If there’s a chill in the air, what’s the best meal?  Minestrone Soup

Looking to eat healthy with a dish prepared from fresh vegetables and herbs?  Minestrone Soup

What will satisfy the Lenten fasting rules?  Minestrone Soup

We’re offering you a hearty combination of herbs and healthy vegetables made in our kitchen at 14 Holy Helpers that will be available for you to take home. You will have a choice of pint (16 oz.) or quart (32 oz.) containers that will satisfy the appetites of one or more people.

The soup is gluten-free and lactose free for those who may have restricted diets.

This is a totally meatless preparation, including the soup broth, that will satisfy any Lenten fasting protocols.

16 oz. container price = $5.00

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Purchase Information

  1. Take-out only.  No eat in option is available due to the virus restrictions.
  2. Soup will not be hot and ready to eat.  You will need to heat up the soup prior to eating.
  3. Pre-sale soup orders will be available for pickup in the Parish Hall throughout Spring Fest weekend, March 26 – 28.  Check our website for specific times … 14 HH Spring Fest 2021 LINK