Macaroni and Cheese


Many would consider Macaroni and Cheese as being the ultimate comfort food.

Our version is based on a family recipe provided by one of our parishioners.  This dish features a creamy sauce that uses 3 different cheeses to achieve a unique blend of flavors. Baked for a golden crust, we will have individual sized servings of approximately 11 – 12 oz. for you to take home.

Filling … satisfying … comforting.  Those are terms that we are using to describe our Macaroni and Cheese.

WARNING … While our serving size is enough to satisfy a normal person, this dish is so good that you may experience cravings for extra portions.

Individual Portion = $8.00


Individual portion = $8.00

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Purchase Information

  1. Take-out only.  No eat in option is available due to the virus restrictions.
  2. Macaroni and Cheese will not be hot and ready to eat.  Individual servings may be frozen. You will need to heat up the meal prior to eating.
  3. Pre-sale Macaroni and Cheese orders will be available for pickup in the Parish Hall throughout Spring Fest weekend, March 26 – 28.  Check our website for specific times … 14 HH Spring Fest 2021 LINK