14 Holy Helpers 2021 Calendar … mailed


This year we have a special calendar featuring the Fourteen Holy Helpers! Each month highlights one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers and includes a picture of their beautiful stained glass window along with a brief narrative of their life. All of the stained glass windows of the 14 Holy Helpers are presented in the calendar packet along with the group mosaic from the parish sanctuary. This can be considered as a KEEPSAKE COLLECTIBLE item for you and your loved ones.  St. Christopher 2021 Calendar

The original limit on the purchases of these calendars has been removed so that more people can obtain a copy.  Buy a calendar for yourself and each of your loved ones so that everyone can save and appreciate the beauty of these parish artworks.

We need to thank Kloc Blossom Chapels for your donation and support toward some of the printing and production costs.  To cover the remaining costs we will need to ask for a donation of $5 per calendar.  Purchasing under this item number will include the mailing of each calendar to the address provided with the order.  Given the weight of each calendar we have also added the $2 in postage costs to the price.  The total price for each mailed calendar will be $7.

The mailing (shipping) address for these calendars is entered at order checkout time. While the Billing address for payment can be different than the mailing (shipping) address, only one mailing (shipping) address can be entered per order.  If multiple mailed calendars are purchased they will all be mailed to the same entered mailing (shipping) address.

If you also purchase pickup only calendars on this order, only the mailed ones will be sent out.  Again, these pickup only calendars must be picked up at the Rectory.

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Purchasing Information

  • Purchase a 2021 calendar printed and produced by 14 Holy Helpers parish
  • This item includes postage and mailing to the address provided in the order. The Billing Address will be used by default. If the Mailing Address is provided as an override Shipping address we will used that address to mail your calendars
  • Purchases are filled in the order they are received.