First Reconciliation

Registration …

Anyone interested in enrolling for Religious Education classes and sacramental preparation at 14 Holy Helpers must register.   Please download and print the registration form for entry into the program if not previously submitted, and into the First Reconciliation program in particular:
Registration for Religious Education 2018-19
Registration for First Reconciliation 2019

Program …

This year, Father David, Deacon Tom, and Sharon Voigt, our Religious Education Director, have decided to try out a beautiful new program to help our First Reconciliation students learn about the Sacrament they will be receiving on March 23rd. This new program comes from a company called, “Dynamic Catholic”, a very appropriate name for a company that brings our faith to life for all to experience.

This new program is comprised of charming, short video clips for each lesson as well as a beautifully illustrated workbook which belongs to the individual child. That means that all their work, thoughts, and ideas should be written down for them to keep as a remembrance of this special occasion in their lives.

We here at Fourteen Holy Helpers have always said that we thank you for sharing the important job of teaching the faith to your children with us; however, you are the primary faith model to your child. For this reason, we are entrusting you to teach your child about the Sacrament of First Reconciliation utilizing this wonderful program.  Sharon, as well as Father David, and your child’s catechist will be with you along the road to answer questions, give advice, or just to talk about what you and your child are up to!

We’d love to hear from you if you have some ideas for enhancing these materials with activities, like games, field trips, TV programs, books, etc.

…  Access to Videos.   The videos are available on the Dynamic Catholic website … First Reconciliation.  Click on that link and scroll down to the First Reconciliation session videos.  Workbooks are available through the 14 Holy Helpers Religious Education office.

…  Program Content.  Reconciliation Sessions include:

    1. 1. You are Blessed
    1. 2. The Best Version of Yourself
    1. 3. God Sent Jesus to Save Us
    1. 4. Forgiveness and Healing
    1. 5. Your First Reconciliation
    1. 6. It’s Only the Beginning

Please read over the printed sheets that are included in the information packet received at the Commitment Mass.  They will give you information on what each session will look like.  After that, you will have six pages that include the Name of the Session, Quick Overview of the Session, and Objectives of the Session.  The time frame of each session is approximately 90 minutes.  Please don’t rush through but take time to pray, read, discuss, and have your child answer questions and journal, draw, whatever is asked for.

… Schedule

Schedule of Sessions

Session Number Session Title Week to be completed Initial when done
1 You Are Blessed 1/13  
2 The Best Version of Yourself 1/20  
3 God Sent Jesus to Save Us 1/27  
4 Forgiveness and Healing 2/3  
5 Your First Reconciliation 2/10  
6 It’s Only the Beginning 2/17  

Please return the completed books and this sheet to the catechist, to the rectory, or to the Religious Education Office by February 23rd.

Please make sure that you follow this schedule and that you take the time to fully complete the lessons with your child. 

***  Note from Sharon,   If you need to contact me, please call me at 674-2180 or email me at or Since, I only work part time, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Wishing you God’s Blessings as you begin this important step with your child on their faith journey!

… Printable Link to this News and ScheduleLINK