Farewell from Father David

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends,

              This is my last bulletin article as your pastor.  My almost thirteen years here as your pastor has been very special.  With God’s grace and your help we have weathered the storms and became a stronger faith community.  I found much love and acceptance here and am sad to leave.   As I look back over the years at Fourteen Holy Helpers, I am very grateful to Almighty God for sending me here, to the Trustees – Chuck Higgins, Chet Owczarzak, Tom Wojcik and our newest trustee, Mike Meder- for their support, guidance  and friendship.  I am extremely grateful to the past staff – Mark, Don, Joan, Shelia, Patrick, Kim, Wayne, Rick, Christine, Crystal, Joy and the present staff – Suzanne, Kate, Ann Marie, David, Tom, Debbie, Bill, Michael, and Annie.  A pastor is only as good as his staff.  Also a special thank you to the many volunteers who enable so many wonderful ministries to thrive and our liturgical celebrations to be outstanding.  You are far too many to list here but know that you are very special people.  Together we have created many beauty and wonderful celebrations and events that have touched many lives of parishioners and visitors.  A warm thank you to all the parishioners who welcomed and supported me and my family.

The best way to thank Almighty God for all these great happenings is by staying positive, encouraging each other, and doing all you can to build a bright future.  Our beautiful stained glass windows are made up of thousands of pieces of glass.  If one piece is missing it takes away from the beauty of the whole window.  Everyone plays a very important role.  Each of you have a special gift, how will you use it?  Some examples of how others are sharing their gifts are: a group of seven individuals decided to each take one day of the week and spend an hour in adoration for the priests.  Twelve parishioners have stepped forward to be representative of Fourteen Holy Helpers parish, others are working with the maintenance staff to help take care of the physical plants, others are planting flowers,  some have stepped forward to teach young adults about the Sacraments.  What small thing can you do to build a brighter future?  I hope that if I have hurt anyone you will find it in your heart to forgive me.  I will only be twenty minutes away, so I hope our paths will cross in the near future.

May Almighty God hold you close to His heart and fill you with peace and joy.  May fear and anger have no part in your life and may your faith grow deeper with each passing day.

Peace and healings,

Fr. David

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  1. John and Mary Sadewater says:

    Thank you, Father David, for your special ministry with us at Fourteen Holy Helpers. May God be with you on your new assignment and ministry. We will miss you, but you will always be in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. God Bless you!

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