Focus on the Resurrection

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

I want to wish all Fathers, Godfathers, Coaches, Priests and all those who father us a wonderful day. May God the Father help you to mirror His heart to those you father and may He bless you with good health, wisdom and courage. Happy and Blessed Father’s Day to all of you.

As pastor of Family 16, I will reside at Infant of Prague Rectory, which is located at 921 Cleveland Drive, Cheektowaga. The phone number there is 716-634-3660. Where my main office will be is undecided right now. As we move forward in faith I would like to offer a few thoughts. The word behold in the Scriptures refers to seeing with the eyes of faith. The Angels are challenging the individuals to see beyond the physical into the mystery of God’s actions. Vatican II called us to live as a people of the Resurrection. We are challenged to look at everything through Jesus’ Resurrection, with the eyes of faith. St. Paul would refers to this as putting on the mind of Christ.

When you become a person who focuses on the Resurrection, you will find yourself filled with an increase of hope and joy. Hope in the God who cares for you and a deeper understanding that God can bring goodness out of everything. Therefore you will place your hope in God and not in the world. Joy is the anticipation of something good is going to happen. So you will become joyful knowing that Jesus will transform the chaos into something beautiful as you work along side Him.

Here are some ideas to assist you. 1. Let your prayer time, be a time where you make room in your life to be one with Christ. A time to enjoy His presence and have a heart to heart talk with Him. Make sure you allow Him the silence He needs to speak to you and fill you with His love. 2. Slow down and take time to reflect upon your life and look for God’s presence. 3. Give thanks daily. 4. Let go of anger, it hurts you. 5. Forgive others and let go of past hurts, your life will become happier. 6. Frequently go to the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.

Almighty Father, Jesus came to save us and bathe us in the light of His Resurrection so we can live free from fear and as Your children. Fill us to overflowing with all the graces we need to live life abundantly in You love and to share that love with others. Amen.

Peace and healings,
Fr. David

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