Ask Jesus to deepen your faith and trust in Him

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends in Christ,

              I want to calm your fears.  I do believe that another priest will be sent to Fourteen Holy Helpers, because the Diocese’s Road to Renewal plan calls for six priests for the five parishes in Family 7.  The parishes that make up Family 7 are:  Fourteen Holy Helpers, St. John XXIII, Queen of Heaven, St Gabriel and St. John Vianney.  By June 14th, the Diocese plans to announce what is decided on for our family and the remaining Family of Parishes.  Therefore, two weeks before I leave, we should know who is coming and I can work with them to make a smooth transition.

The best way to get through changes is by keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus and engaging your faith.  Here are some ideas: Ask Jesus to deepen your faith and trust in Him.  Try to quiet yourself down and listen to Jesus as He speaks to you at Mass and through other people.  Surround yourself with others that are going to build you up.  Limit the time you think about the problem, use other time to fill yourself up with prayer, and enjoying what is going right.  Take a walk in nature.  God has painted His world in calming colors and beautiful sounds, enjoy them.  Give thanks every day for your big and small blessings.  Saturate the people making decisions with prayers.  Remember always, prayers are very powerful even when we don’t see any effects.  Go to confession and be willing to forgive others.  I am sure you can come up with more ideas.  Please share them with me and each other.

Almighty God You are our stability in a changing world.  Enable us to lean on You and take comfort in the fact that You will shepherd us with Your wisdom and love.  Please help us to keep our eyes fixed on Your Son Jesus and follow Your Spirit.  Amen.

Wishing you peace,

Fr. David

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