Pray to the Holy Spirit

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

              The lives of the saints offer us guidance during these difficult times, because they were ordinary people who grew so close to Jesus that they were able to do extraordinary actions with great love.  This week I am going to focus on the Desert Fathers and Mothers and what they can teach us.  They saw society as a shipwreck and believed that they had to flee from it in order to save themselves and others.  They left society and went out to live in the desert.  They live alone, but realizing the importance of community, they would gather at different times for Eucharist, share news of the world, and support each other.  They developed the attitude that each individual was both teacher and student, always willing to learn and always willing to share what they learned and experienced.  People who stayed living in the cities would go to them seeking their guidance.  After some years of living this life style, some of Dessert Fathers left the desert and returned to society to help others find stability in Christ and the wisdom they needed to deal with problems.

From their lives we learn a new definition of  solitude, silence, prayer, and community.  A solitude in which we are not just alone, but alone with God.  A silence where we can hear the voice of God.  (Being totally present in the moment helps us to create this silence.)  When we pray we want to pour our lives into the hands of God.  In other words having heart to heart talks with God.  All types of prayer should lead us to a conversation with God.  Creating a community that: values everyone great and small, is willing to build each other up, and will to work together to build God’s kingdom on earth. 

These are the keys to build a bright future for yourself and the larger community.  Are we willing to pray to the Holy Spirit to show you how you can grow in each of these areas?  The Novena to the Holy Spirit is one of the tools to help you engage the Holy Spirit.  Novenas are located at the doors of the Church.

Come Holy Spirit help us to dream beautiful dreams that are a part of God’s dream and give us the courage to make those dreams a reality.

In Easter peace,

Fr. David

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