God loves to recreate and renew

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

             I am asking special prayers this week for myself and the priests of the Diocese of Buffalo.  This Wednesday, the priests have a meeting with Bishop Fisher and the Road to Renewal Team.  A lot will be decided at this meeting about my future and that of my brother priests. 

             I was asked if I believe these are the end times.  I responded that I don’t think so.  My reasoning is based on who God is and history.  God loves to create.  The space telescopes have revealed to us the vastness of the universe and shows us new galaxies, stars and planets being born.  God is definitely creating and who knows what species He is creating on these planets.  Science tells us that new species are being born on planet earth.  God also loves to recreate, he has built forgiveness into nature.  Not too long ago, Lake Erie was so polluted that nothing could be eaten from it, once chemicals were stopped being dumped into it, mother nature started to clean the lake.  Now we can eat fish from Lake Erie.  The best example of God recreating action is the way He is redeeming us through Jesus Christ.  St. Paul reminds us that we have become a new creation in Christ.  During the World Wars people thought it was the end of the world, but it wasn’t.  I believe the end times were avoided because of God’s help and good people willing to step forward and do what they can to make society better.  We are also called to embody the Gospel message of  love and forgiveness, so that the world may once again follow God and healing may happen to our broken world.  When we look at the problems the Church and World have, we can easily be overwhelmed and feel paralyzed.  To avoid these feelings simple ask God to help you see what you can do today to make things better in your own little “world.”  Trusting in God and doing all that we can, we will remain hopeful of a better tomorrow.

Come Holy Spirit and recreate from our broken lives and world Your glorious kingdom here on earth.  Come set our hearts on fire with Divine love.

Peace and healings,

Fr. David

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  1. M. Kim Gardener says:

    Yes, prayers for you, Father David, and parishioners during this difficult time and period of adjustment. I don’t understand how someone can be a pastor of multiple churches or how parishioners can feel they have a pastor when they only see them occasionally.

    I was at Saturday’s mass when you made the announcement and at St. Aloysious Sunday when it was announced you’d be pastor for that family. I was happy to hear that. I’m “officially” a member there even tho I live closer to 14HH (due to originally living nearer to St. Al’s). Lee is a great musical director. Hope he stays (he’s having a difficult time adjusting too.) FYI – St. Al’s website needs improvement and it would be great to be able to submit offering online there.

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