Quit Taking It Personally

From The Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends in Christ,

             Last week we hosted the Lenten Journey. Our parish shined with hospitality.  The service and reception were wonderful.  Thank you for all those who made it happen and to those who attended.  Then we had a four day celebration in honor of St. Joseph.  Thank you to all those who attended and to Suzanne Pionessa, Michael and Xavier Katilus, John Willet, John Kane, Stella Kline, Ginny Stolarski, Sodality of Our Lady, Fr. Joe Gatto and everyone else who assisted in any way.  It was a powerful four days and many blessings are coming from them.  The spaghetti dinner had a special feature of people staying around to socialize.  I cannot thank you enough to all those who assisted and to those who came to honor our spiritual father, Saint Joseph.

Point to Ponder

The letters Q.T.I.P reminds us to Quit Taking It Personally.  Many time people do things without thinking.  They are not trying to hurt us.  We find peace when we stay rooted in Jesus and not on this world.

Jesus thank you for the gift of your mother, Mary, and your earthly father, Joseph, to be our spiritual parents.  May all three of you guide us, strengthen all families and protect everyone from all forms of darkness. Amen.  St. Joseph pray for us.

In peace,

Fr. David

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