St. Joseph Weekend

From The Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

             Next Weekend, March 17th – 20th, will be dedicated to Saint Joseph.  Why?  St. Joseph became our spiritual father, when Pope Leo XIII made him the patron of the entire Church.  The saying under our statue of St. Joseph translates “go to Joseph.”  Here are some quotes to ponder:

1. If you wish to be close to Christ, we again repeat, “go to Joseph.” – Venerable Pope Pius the XII

2. Saint Joseph, pray that my love for the child Jesus may increase.  Be a father to me! – St. John Neumann

3. I have only my great devotion to St. Joseph.  This it is that guides me and gives me full confidence.  – St André Bessette

4. We earnestly invoke all the Bishops of the Catholic world that in the Church’s present need they should induce the faithful to implore more earnestly the powerful intercession of St. Joseph – Pope Benedict the XV

5. Jesus wished to be indebted to St. Joseph for the necessaries of life, and of the holy patriarch it may be said that he saved the life of the Savior. – St. Madaleine Sophie Barat

Brief Outline of Weekend Schedule

(click on this link for a complete list …  St. Joseph Retreat LINK.)

Friday night of prayer will start at 7pm with Stations of the Cross, Benediction and blessing with St. Joseph oil.  On Saturday’s retreat the theme is “To Jesus through St. Joseph.”  Sunday, St. Joseph Spaghetti dinner.  The total amount of the dinner ticket will be split evenly between The Response to Love Center and Journey’s End Refugee Services.  The cost of the dinner is being absorb by a donor.  Monday night there will be an Anointing of the Sick Mass at 7 pm.  Everyone who is physically, spiritually or emotionally sick are strongly encouraged to be anointed.  Heathy individuals are ask to come and support those who are sick with your presence and prayers.

I hope you will join me in praying the following prayer.

Joseph, Guardian of the Pure in Heart

Gentle Joseph, God is captivated by the quality of your heart. Your entire being is
focused on doing his will. With Mary and Jesus, you answer the Holy Spirit’s call to build a better world.

With one heart, we join you in saying :
“Here we are, Lord, your will be done! Your kingdom come nearer to us!”

Keep the hope of a new world alive in our hearts.
Inspire us to speak words of tenderness to awaken the love of hearts.

May we draw the energy for our actions from the source
of all Love so our faces may shine with the freedom of the children of God.


In Peace,

Fr. David

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