Come pray to the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends in Christ,

             I am excited to announce that on March 10th our parish Adoration Chapel will be celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary.  I am grateful to Msgr. David Slubecky, Nancy Frame and all those who worked to create the Chapel and to sustain it over these years.  A special thank you to all the adorers.  To celebrate this occasion, we will have a special celebration at the 8 o’clock Mass and then go over to the Adoration Chapel to continue the celebration with coffee, tea, and goodies.  The Chapel is open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm.  Everyone is invited to stop in and pray before the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist.  During Lent would be a great time to begin this way of praying.  When you stop in just sit quietly and let the Lord shower you with His love.  You can also add some of your favorite prayers.  A regular adorer is someone who has committed to coming the same time every week.  To add more days we need more people willing to commit to coming at the same time every week.  Please plan on attending the celebration on March 10th and also becoming a regular adorer. 

I encourage you to make this Lent a time to focus on deepening your relationship with Jesus and receiving His healings.  Definitely, we all need to grow and find healing for ourselves.  There are three special events this Lent that all have the focus of strengthening our relationship with Jesus and receiving healings from Jesus through St. Joseph: March 17th at 7 pm there will be an evening of prayer that will include Benediction and Blessing with St. Joseph oil, March 18th there will be a retreat in honor of St. Joseph, and on March 19th there will be an Anointing of the Sick Mass at 7pm.  Please watch the bulletin for more details on these and other events to enrich your life. 

Lord Jesus make this Lent and Easter Seasons extra special for all of us.

Peace and healings,

Fr. David

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