My Journey with Jesus

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

             The past couple of weeks, I have been focusing on the importance of growing closer to Christ.  Over the years, the Parish has been working with me to offer you many opportunities to deepen your relationship with Jesus and our parish by having different prayer services, educational events, Bible Studies, retreats, and social activities.  You need to desire this growth, be open to Jesus, and put an effort forward.  Do you pray with your Bible, or do spiritual readings, or take time to prepare yourself for Mass?  Do you go to confession?  What about joining a small group this Lent? 

I would like to discuss some ideas on how to use the book we handed out last Sunday called The Journey, My personal Journey with Jesus.  Take your time using the book, you might spend three days working on what the book calls one day.  The book is meant to be prayed with, not just read.  Take time to reflect on the readings and reflections each day.  At the end of each day, there is a suggested activity, please make sure you do them or another action you came up with. Some have started the book, while others are waiting for Lent.  The book is a tool, use it as it best helps you.  If you need one they are at the Church, rectory or call the office and we can mail one to you.

Lord Jesus, set our hearts on fire with a burning desire to love You and those we meet.  Please shepherd us on our way as we move forward through the uncertainties of life. 


Fr. David

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