In Wonder and Awe of the Lord

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

In Baptism and Confirmation we have received the Holy Spirit and the gifs of the Holy Spirit. Especially during this time of year, we need to use the seventh gift of Fear of the Lord, also known as Wonder and Awe. As described in Harpers Bible Dictionary, “fear of the Lord is the awe that a person ought to have before God.” In our Sunday’s Visitors
Catholic Encyclopedia Fear of the Lord is described as “that experience and knowledge of God as utterly holy, totally
other, incomprehensible, absolute almighty, all powerful, all-knowing an absolute majestic. This experience leads to a
detestation of sin, principally due to a deeper awareness of how offensive sin is to God’s perfect love, justice and care for us. The experience also leads to deep consolation and love for God and ‘neighbor,’ resulting in deep praise, worship and adoration of God which themselves become grace-filled moments of joyful life with God here on earth.”

Years ago on an Autumn day, I was hiking with a group of friends up a mountain. When we reached the top, we were awe filled, became speechless and praised God. During this time of year, if we slow down and become totally present in the moment, we will again be amazed at the simple beauty of these Advent and Christmas Seasons. Seeing the decorations, Christmas cards, baking, shopping, all we have to do and especially all the people we meet as pointing us to the deeper reality that Jesus is Emmanuel, the God who loves to surprise us with His love and wonder blessings.

What can you do to help yourself and others experience the Wonder and Awe of Christmas?

Holy Spirit come and release Your gifts within us, especially Fear of the Lord/Wonder and Awe. Help us to experience the birthday of our Savior with heart and mind renewed. Surprise us again Holy Spirit! We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

In waiting hope,

Fr. David

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