Center our lives on Christ

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

             In Sunday’s Gospel, we encounter Jesus seeking out lost souls as He journeys toward Jerusalem.  Zacchaeus had a burning desire to see Jesus.  He was willing to do what no respectable man of his day would do, climb a tree.  Jesus is always aware of His surroundings and the needs of people.  He recognizes Zacchaeus in the tree and tells him “I want to stay at your house.”  In other words, I want to spend some personal time with you.  Spend some time today listening to Jesus tell you that He wants to spend some personal time with you.  When people object, Zacchaeus does not try to make himself look good, he rather tells what changes he is going to make in his life so he can better live as one of God’s chosen people.   Jesus  is pleased with Zacchaeus’ change of heart. 

The challenge we face is not to grow weary from life’s demands but to burn with a desire to encounter Jesus frequently in our daily events.  Once this desire is blazing, we will center our lives on Christ and discover ways to encounter Jesus in the ordinary.  What changes in your life will help you walk closer to Christ?  Is there anger, pride, lack of forgiveness or anything else you need to let go of so there is more room for Christ in your life?

We never know what burden someone is carrying, may we be gentle with those we live with and those we meet.  In a special way this week, may we pray for and encourage one another.

Good Shepherd help us to love one another.

In Christ’s peace,

Fr. David

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