Start the Road to Renewal

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

             As we begin the Road to Renewal process, our parish will need 6 to 12 people to represent the parish in the different pillar meetings.  There are six pillars coving the life of a parish.

Qualifications the persons need are:

To be a person of prayer and have a strong desire seek what God wants for the West Seneca and Elma area.  As Jesus said, “the wise scribe is the one who can take both the old and the new out of his storeroom.”  Seeking God’s design for our area will mean that everything is evaluated according to how it will rebuild the Church.  One must believe that the Church in our area can be reinvigorated.   Have an open mind to allow ideas to be reshaped and willing to seek answers.  One who can reason things out and not be afraid to challenge with charity what is being presented.  Have a strong dedication to Fourteen Holy Helpers Parish and the area parishes. 

In this week’s bulletin there is the description of a couple of pillars, more will follow in upcoming bulletins.  If you think you might be interested, call the rectory leave your name and phone number.  The next step is for us to talk and see how you can help with the process.

Lord Jesus help us to always and everywhere to do Your will.


Fr. David

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