God’s Presence in the Ordinary

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends in Christ,

             In last week’s homily, I talked about finding Jesus in the ordinary situations of life.  In the parables of Jesus, we encounter God’s presence in the ordinary.  Have you been looking for Christ’s presence in your life?  Let me share a few examples from my life where I see the kingdom of God breaking forth.  The three couples I am preparing for their weddings are very faith filled.  They desire Jesus and the Church to be part of their marriage.  As the Summer Religious Education Program comes to an end, one of the teachers told me, it was great seeing how his students grew spiritually.  I saw a parishioner who has a heavy cross to carry, be transformed from an angry person into a joyful one as they carry their cross.  One parishioner was having a bad day and as he cooked a simple meal, he received a sense of peace.  God sending us John Willet, a faith filled man, who is studying for the priesthood, has offered his talents to our youth.  Like Spring, these and other situations give me great hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Almighty God thank You for taking an active role in our lives and that of the world.  You do hold us in the palms of Your hands and breathe life into us in very ordinary ways.  Thank You for making the ordinary extra special with Your presence.  Help us to stay focused on You so we can spread Your peace and joy to all those we meet.

Peace and healings,

Fr. David

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