Parish Update

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am pleased to inform you that John Willett, a seminarian, will be residing and ministering here at Fourteen Holy Helpers for one year.  This is called his pastoral year and three years from now, June of 2025, he will be ordained a priest for the Diocese of Buffalo.  I know that you will give him a warm welcome and pray for him for the next three years.  He will be moving in on June 13th, this Monday, the feast of St. Anthony.

I am looking for volunteers to do a Vacation Bible School program for the children this summer.  If you are interested please contact the rectory and tell them if you want to be a volunteer or chairperson.  The group will set the dates and get the planning underway, so please consider helping and call the rectory as soon as possible.

The Parish Council has agreed to create three subcommittees to further growth in our parish.  The three committees will be Sacramental, Communication and Education.  We are in the process are creating their descriptions and some of the projects they will be undertaking.  As details come available, I will pass them on to you so you can decide on how you can help the Council and strengthen the Parish.

May the Holy Trinity, whose nature is community, enable us to model our community after His nature.  May we fight polarization by realizing that when we stay focus on God and respect one another we find Truth and the answers we are seeking.

In the Holy Trinity,

Fr. David

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