Battle between Good and Evil

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends in Christ,

             The battle is on between good and evil.  It seems as goodness increases so does evil.  When we look over the past decades, we notice great efforts to build a world on genuine love and at the same time we see the evil of hatred and terrorism.  Our faith tells us that God is going to win.  Our goal is not to get discouraged but to increase our efforts to do good whenever we can.  To fight darkness with words filled with kindness, encouragement, and hope.   Prayer and action together is the most powerful weapon.  We thank God in the midst of problems we have times of celebrating like this past week.  Congratulations to our children who made their First Communion last weekend.  Your faith is an example to all of us.  Thank you to their parents, grandparents and teachers who guided them and helped their faith to grow. 

Thank you to all who came on Monday to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of our Diocese, our First Communicants and to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It was an outstanding day of prayer and ending with wonderful fellowship in the Hall.

Just like Stations of the Cross can be prayed any time of the year, so to the Stations of the Resurrection can be prayed throughout the year.  On June 10th, I will be celebrating the Stations of the Resurrection (The Way of Light) at 6 pm.  These Stations celebrate the Resurrection to Pentecost.  I hope you will come and pray them with me.

May God bless you with peace and healing.

Easter peace,

Fr. David

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