Please Pray for Us

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners in Christ,

             The first readings at Masses during the Easter Season are taken from the Acts of the Apostles after the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Traditionally, Saint Luke is considered to be the author.  He was a traveling companion of St. Paul on his later journeys.  Acts of the Apostles help us to understand the role of the Holy Spirit in continuing the mission of Jesus, how the early Church dealt with many difficulties, and how events happening around them were interpreted in light of faith.  Three major events that troubled the early Church were the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, the rise of persecutions, and the problems of moving people to believe in Jesus.  

Just like the Early Church struggled to understand how they needed to respond to all that was happening, think like Jesus so they could live and work with one mind and heart focused on Christ, we to must do the same.  This task calls us to really listen to others and to ourselves.  What is Christ telling me through this person or that situation?  When we keep our focus on the common goal and not on ourselves, we find ourselves less angry and not needing things to go our way.  We are open to the movement of the Holy Spirit, to new ideas and to allowing old ones to be reshaped.  We find ourselves saturating everything with prayer and kindness.  These are the qualities that kept the Church alive during the difficult times.

In conclusion, I ask you to constantly be praying for each other and for priests.  My ministry is only good because of God’s grace and because the many people who pray for me.  At this time, there are many priests in our Diocese who are struggling because of lack of support or having health issues.  Please include them in your prayers frequently.  Priests are called to serve you in name of Jesus, and prayers are what enable them to carry out their ministry.  

Jesus, our High Priest, draw all priests closer to Your Divine Heart, bless all deacons, lay leaders and parishioners with your assistance and peace every moment of their lives.  Amen.

Easter peace,

Fr. David

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