Jesus Christ is Risen Today, Alleluia!

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

Jesus Christ is Risen Today, Alleluia

             Jesus’ Resurrection is a great mystery that cannot be fully understood.  At times it creates confusion in us, just like the guards at the tomb.  Sometimes, we see its beauty in the lives of others and nature.  Other times, it guides us to forgive others and ourselves.  The light of the Resurrection can shatter misconceptions by improving our vision. 

Let’s say a person started out this Lent with the best intentions and now at the end of Lent he realized that he failed to keep his Lenten practices.  We will call this person Michael.  Do you feel like Michael?  Michael could take his eyes off Jesus and beat himself up or feel it is useless to try to become better.  His other choice is to run to the Lord Jesus and ask Him to bathe him in His light and get him back on the right path.  Which option would you choose?  We are redeemed by Christ and at the same time we are working out our redemption.  We believe in Jesus and at the same time our worries and anxieties call us to cry out to Jesus with the prayer of the boy’s father in Mark’s gospel – “I do believe, help my unbelief.”  Jesus showers the world in His light and love, but the world sometimes, like us, chooses the darkness.  Jesus invites you into His warm light.   Accept His invitation now, saying a prayer asking Jesus to bathe you in His light and love.

At the Easter Masses, we renew our baptismal promises.  These promises are our commitment to cling to the Holy Trinity, all that is good and loving, and reject all illusions and forms of darkness.  With God’s help may we always live these promises, thus enabling us to bring God’s healing, hope and peace to our families and strangers.  

The staff and myself would like to wish all of you and your families a happy and blessed Easter!

Lord Jesus awaken our hearts that have become drowsy by daily anxieties.  Bathe us in the light of Your Resurrection so that no sorrow or anxiety can overwhelm us and our joys grow stronger.  At the same time, we ask you to assist us in bringing hope and healing to those we meet.  We beg You, heal our broken world.  Amen!

In Christ’s peace,

Fr. David

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