The Call to Come Home

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

             Sunday’s Gospel is the parable of the Prodigal Son.  Who in the parable are you most like?  The father who goes out of his way to forgive and desires reconciliation with both of his sons?  The younger son who wants to do what he wants?  The elder son who does what is right begrudgingly?   The parable is also about a home coming.   The father wants both of his sons to know his love.  He wants them home in his heart.  The younger son thinks he can find freedom and love by doing his own thing somewhere else.  He enjoys his new life surrounded by false friends who make him feel good and important.  When things get tough, they are gone.  He falsely believes that he cannot be forgiven.  So even though he returns home, we don’t know if he fully accepts his father’s forgiveness.  The other son never leaves home but is filled with envy and bitterness.  Maybe because he also felt happiness can be found somewhere but because of duty he wouldn’t leave.  So the father wanted him to understand how much he loves him and is willing to give him everything.  He begs his son to move from all that negativity to being fully alive in his love and friendship.  So the invitation to come to the celebration, is really an invitation to celebrate the new life the father is offering both of his sons.

God is always calling us to come home.  To allow ourselves to rest in His embrace and find that He is the desire of our souls, the love we have been seeking all of our life.  To let go of all the illusions that invite us to run in one direction or another to find happiness or the peace we so desperately long for.  How do we come home to the Lord?  Here are some suggestions: by allowing God to shatter our illusions, guide our schedules, help us set our priorities, by seeking wisdom especially from our elders, by having a willingness to really listen to one another and seeking the truth at all times.  For Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”  Most importantly, by quieting ourselves and listening to the many ways God speaks to us.

God our loving Father, Jesus our brother, Holy Spirit our life, come to our aid and may we and all people live each day in and through You.

Peace and healings,

Fr. David

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