Make Lent Power Packed

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

             As we journey together through this Lenten Season may we encourage each other and beg Jesus to heal our world.

Here are some thoughts for making Lent power packed:

1. When we remember we are sinners, we realize our need for God.  We also realize with God’s strength we can change and our change can have a dynamic effect on others.  Do you believe this? Are you willing to enter more deeply into the heart of Christ?

2. What areas in your life are you fully alive with Christ – faith, loving others, etc.?  What areas in your life are dead (lack of forgiveness, anger, fears, etc.) and need healing?

3. At different times throughout the day ask yourself what is the motive behind your actions. 

4. Keep Lent simple.  Our lives are already too complicated, so keep your activities for Lent simple.  You have a better chance to succeed.

5. Don’t focus on your sins, it only gives them more power.  Focus on the virtue you want to replace that sin.

6. Don’t become discouraged, it takers perseverance and God’s grace to grow

7. Take time to be silent.  Quiet your mind as well as your surroundings. This can be done by repeating a phrase from Scripture slowly or by taking a few deep breaths.

8. Go for a walk try to see and hear everything as if it was for the first time.  Ask Jesus to walk along with you.

Loving God grant us all that we need to make this Lenten Season a time to grow closer to Your Son and to each other.  We beg You save us and our world from anger, hatred, and all ill-will. Help us to love as You love. Amen

Christ’s healing,

Fr. David

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