Are you ready for Lent?

Dear Friends in Christ,

             Lent is almost here, are you ready?  The Gospel on Ash Wednesday tells us to pray, fast and give alms.  Jesus teaches us that praying is about having a trusting relationship with God in which we pour out our heart’s desires before Him.  Jesus prayed with His disciple, in synagogues, and in private.  We need to follow His example and pray with family, friends, as a community in Church and find time to be alone with God.  How will your prayers this Lent help you grow and strengthen your relationship with Jesus.   Fasting is a method of helping us avoid what we really don’t need, and focus on our true treasures.  The most valuable treasure is God and our loved ones.  How will your fasting this Lent make you a better person?  How will it enable you to help others?  This helping others is almsgiving.  Don’t think only in terms of money, but also think of giving your most precious gifts of time and talent.  So many people, young and old, desire someone to listen and encourage them.  In a world so busy, loneliness is growing.  Can you be the person who stops, listens and supports others?  You don’t need to fix the problem, you do need to support the other person with your presence.  Try praying for and with others this Lent.

Jesus listen to us, your brothers and sisters, who need to enter this Lent so that we and our world can be transformed.  Dispel all doubts, especially when we doubt our ability to change.  Keep us always in Your loving embrace.  Amen!

In Christ’s peace,

Fr. David

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