Retreat “The Face of God is Mercy”

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends in Christ,

In Sunday’s reading, the prophet Isaiah has a vision of God seated on His royal throne and becomes fearful because he knows his sins.  God’s angel flies to him with an amber from the altar to cleanse him of his sins.  Then the Lord God asks “Whom Shall I send? Who will go for us?” Isaiah quickly responds, “Here I am, send me!”  In the Gospel, Peter and his companions, after they had caught nothing, need to see a great catch, realize Jesus knows them, and He wants them as His friends in order to leave everything and follow Him. 

Both Isaiah and Peter have a metanoia experience.  Metanoia experience is when a person moves from unbelief to belief and from sin to practice of virtue.  Virtue is a good habit that enables a person to act with right reason enlightened by faith.  (Both definitions are taken from Modern Catholic Dictionary.)  As Catholics, we believe this process of believing more intensely and growing in virtue is our lifelong goal.  Take some time to reflect upon these questions: What do you need to help you deepen your faith and grow in virtue?  What will help you dedicate yourself to the mission of following Jesus?  How will you achieve what you need?

As Lent begins on March 2nd the Church encourages you to make an extra effort to grow in faith and virtues.  The Scripture readings used at Mass are designed to assist you in growing closer to Christ.  The Lenten and Easter Books for the parish will help you connect the daily Mass readings to your life.  I am encouraging every one to find someone or a small group of individuals to reflect upon the readings with you.  You might choose once a week to get together to share about everyone’s favorite reflection for that week.  This year, Fr. George Knab, OMI is coming to do a preached retreat on the theme, The Face of God is Mercy.  It will take place from Monday, March 20th through the Thursday March 24th.  In addition to the books and retreat, there will be Stations of the Cross on Friday nights at 7 pm, and Wednesday night Confessions from 5 to 6:30 pm.  Throughout the next couple of weeks, check the bulletin for more details.

Lord Jesus help us to work and pray for peace as we struggle to go in faith and virtue.


Fr. David

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