For Peace in the Family

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parish Family and Friends,

I pray that all of your families may be drawn closer to the heart of Jesus as we pray for healings and the ability to embrace each other.

When you have a chance please pray the following prayer:

For Peace in the Family

Lord Jesus, my family needs Your help today. We need Your peace and tranquility, an end to discord. Give us strength and compassion to understand each other, wisdom and love to help each other, and the trust and patience we need to live peacefully together. Grant that, through the intercession of Your mother, Mary, and St. Joseph, our family too may become a holy family, a family that works together as one, a family that embraces peace and love, a family whose members are dedicated to each other and to You. Amen.

May Jesus, Mary and Joseph bless and guide our families with peace, joy and understanding.

In Peace,

Fr. David

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