Waiting in Joyful Hope

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

              I hope you had a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.  Our focus for Advent this year is “Waiting in Joyful Hope.”  Let us look explore the meaning of this focus. Waiting is something hard to do for us in America because we have many items that are instant, like instant food, instant communication, instant internet, even our travel is fast with our highways and planes.  But somethings take time and work, like healings, relationships, listening to one another, and building communities.  The Advent waiting is two fold.  First we have to be patient and see what God is doing and second we need to be actively strengthening our family and community by living the Gospel message to the best of our ability.  The Advent Scriptures reminds us of the prophecies that the Israelites longed to be fulfilled and how they kept their hope alive for hundred of years.

Harpers Bible dictionary defines hope as “the expectation of a favorable future under God’s direction.”  Hope is based in the three qualities of God which are: Him being all powerful, His goodness, and His fidelity to us.  We ultimately hope for God getting us home to Heaven.  Joy is connected to hope.

Joy is about the anticipation of something good going to happen.  Therefore, as we anticipate our hopes to be fulfilled by God, we have joy.  Tools to help you make this Advent special: Advent book is available both in regular type and large print.  Advent packets are available at the doors of the Church.  They contain materials for all ages.  Confession times will be Wednesday 5:30 to 6:30 followed by Mass at 7pm and on Saturday from 3-4 followed by Mass at 4:30 or by appointment.  We are planning an Evening of Reflection, more details to follow soon. Following Wednesday night Mass the reflections will be changing their focus from the Sunday Gospel to deepen our experience of the Christmas Story.  The reflection is designed to help you connect your life to the Gospel passage and to understand how the passage can guide your life today.  For more information check the bulletin each week.

May this Advent Season be filled with special blessings from Almighty God.  May Jesus dispel the darkness in our hearts and replace it with His light and love.

In Advent hope,

Fr. David

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