Come Holy Spirit, Set our Hearts on Fire

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Some thoughts:

             I have been pastor here at Fourteen Holy Helpers for eleven years and I want to thank all who have supported me with your prayers and willingness to work with me for the well being of our parish. A special thank you to the staff who work diligently to keep our parish strong. 

             Even before the Road to Renewal takes place, parishes are realizing the need to work together throughout our Diocese.  In our own area, Fourteen Holy Helpers, St. Gabriel’s and St. Vincent de Paul parishes are doing a joint R.C.I.A. program on Wednesday nights.  This program is for any adult who wants to become Catholic, or needs the Sacrament of Eucharist and/or Confirmation.  If interested contact the Rectory or Karen and Dave Bishop.

Concerning the Road to Renewal and the Synod that Pope Francis invoked, there are many negative comments being made by some who only know half-truths, or have misinformation.  Give the processes a chance.  What we need to do is be a people who wholeheartedly are invoking God’s assistance and doing all we can to stay positive.  For eleven years, I have heard that some parishioners are saying we are going to close.  We haven’t closed yet.  Why believe that gloom is coming, why not be hopeful that God will bring goodness out of the chaos of our lives, Church, and world.  The Holy Spirit is very active in our world.

Concerning wearing masks at Mass.  I have business, philosophy and theology degrees, I do not have a medical degree.  Therefore, I am trusting those who are guiding us who have a medical background.  I know some of the surrounding parishes are making up their own rules.  But common sense dictates that wearing a mask can only help and not hurt the health of the person and others.  I also realize because of anxiety or medical reasons this is difficult for some people and I hope I can find a way of helping them attend Mass.

I am hoping that Patrick Barrett and the choir will find a solution to bring back the choir for the holidays and improving the music here at Fourteen Holy Helpers.

A man asked me about getting Holy Water to take home and I explained we have a large wooden container of Holy Water in the back of Church.  I asked him to bring a bottle from home.  It has been there for months, but I wonder if people see it tucked in the corner.  Holy Water in the fonts will be back this weekend.

Come Holy Spirit set our hearts on fire to lead us and our leaders in the way of love.  A love so strong that we will build a bright future for the honor and glory of God.

With hope,

Fr. David

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