Resolve Conflicts … Don’t Avoid Them

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” (John 14:6).  This is the inscription over the front doors of our Church.

             Some years ago I was involved in major conflict between a parish and the Diocese.  Both sides wanted me to be on their side.  I was being pulled in two different directions.  As I was struggling to resolve the conflict, Jesus revealed to me that the moment I told a half-truth is the moment I am taking a step away from Him.  I knew I had to stay close to Jesus and figure out His will for me. 

So many conflicts don’t get resolved because each side is fighting for their point of view.  More progress would be made, if both sides worked trying to understand each other and seek the truth about which is the best course of action.  Truth is also the will of God.  In some situations this might reveal a whole new direction or a combination of both point of views.  How do you handle conflicts?  To avoid them does not resolve anything!

Here are two prayers to help you on the journey to be more understanding:

Lord Jesus, You died to reconcile us to the Father and to each other.  Help me with Your wisdom and courage to find peaceful solutions to problems, by always seeking Your Will in all situations. I thank You for loving me and ask Your help to love You, my neighbor, and myself to the best of my ability. Amen

O Lord, let me know clearly the work you are calling me to do.  Grant me every grace I need to answer your call with courage, love, and lasting dedication to Your will. Amen.

Peace and Healing,

Fr. David

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