Healthy Practices Help All of Us

Mask and Vaccine

Healthy Practices Help All of Us

Over our Summerfest weekend we were struck by the sheer joy of people happy to again be sharing good times with one another. The struggle against the Covid virus, however, is clearly not over. Let’s remember that we need to continue to be vigilant about following healthy practices for our safety and the safety of those around us.

We recommend that everyone follow CDC guidelines for helping minimize the spread of the Covid virus ……/prevent-getting-sick/prevention.html. If you feel ill seek the help of medical professionals. Your doctor will be able to help diagnose your condition. If you have contracted Covid they can treat your condition and alert health agencies who can initiate contract tracing where appropriate. Encourage your family and friends to seek medical help when they are ill. Your encouragement to others that they should seek medical assistance when they may have Covid may be the trigger they need to help themselves and stop the spread to others.

In living our public lives we decide for ourselves how much risk we can accept. Going to the store, picking up a book at the library, and attending a concert are examples of public situations that contain different levels of risk. Following healthy practices can help reduce the possibility of you contracting Covid when facing those risks.

At our recent 14 Holy Helpers Summerfest we created open outdoor areas for those interested in listening to the music from our Entertainment Tent. We continually operated our Parish Hall air-conditioning system with improved air filtration for those who came into the building. Restrooms were regularly cleaned and sanitized. Our volunteers were directed to stay home if they felt ill or showed any symptoms. We hope that these measures reduced the risks of transmission.

Unfortunately there are no guarantees that following these steps will stop Covid. You should get a Covid test if you feel ill or concerned about your exposure. Following the old adage … Better to be safe than sorry … is good advice nowadays.

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