Feast Day of the Fourteen Holy Helpers

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

             Two weeks away is our parish feast day, August 8th.  In preparation for our feast we will be doing fourteen days of prayer starting today.  Each day we will be praying to one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.  The prayers are in todays bulletin.  I strongly encourage you to pray for an end to the Pandemic, which is still raging in parts of our world, and for them to become a healing force against all the anger and discord that is engulfing so many people.  We don’t always see the effects of our prayers and the Church reminds us that prayer is very important.

The Our Father teaches us that we need to pray for God’s kingdom to come and for all that we and our world needs.  It reminds us to trust in God our loving parent.  The Incarnation of Jesus teaches us that we are co-partners in the work of salvation.  Therefore, prayer needs to be combined with our efforts to do God’s will.

May God give us the wisdom to know what we need to do and the conviction to pray with all of our hearts for a brighter tomorrow.  Fourteen Holy Helpers pray for us!

Peace and healing,

Fr. David

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