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From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

Great news! Next weekend all the Masses will be back in the Church. We will revert back to the old Mass Schedule and make any adjustments as we move forward. The schedule will be Saturday vigil at 4:30 pm, Sunday 7:30 am, 9:00am, 10:30am, and 12noon. I am excited to see more parishioners attending Mass in person and parish activities preparing to start up in the Fall. SummerFest preparations are going strong, tell your family and friends about this great event.

In today’s Gospel (Mark 6:1-6), the people are challenged to reflect upon what is happening. Unfortunately, they go with their first impulse and follow the thinking of the crowd. Thereby, they take offense at Jesus and block His ability to perform great wonders. Who are you listening to? Here are some questions to help you reflect upon this past year. You might come up with some of your own. Please take time to reflect upon these questions. If the answer does not come immediately, take time to ponder the question. Before addressing these questions ask the Holy Spirit to assist you. Have you taken time to reflect upon this past year and a half? What did you learn from God? Were you able to engage your faith? If not, what do you need to help you better engage your faith? How can you develop those skills? Has your relationship with Jesus grown stronger? Have you grown into a better person? Do you value people? Do you see how all of us are connected? How nations are connected?

The Jesuits website, the website/app Pray-as-You-Go, as well as other ones have created tools to help people connect faith to life. Jesus reminds us that our relationship with Him is the foundation of our lives.

May Jesus shine His divine light upon us to shatter the darkness and light our path to building a better world.

In Christ,

Fr. David

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