St. Joseph, the worker

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

              As we hear the followers of Jesus tell about their experiences, it is important that we pause and reflect upon our experiences of Jesus.  It is difficult to recognize Jesus’ presence because His actions are subtle and ordinary.  When you look at the resurrection accounts, we see an empty tomb, Jesus is having breakfast on the beach, walking with the disciples, eating a piece of baked fish.  The first step to finding God’s footsteps in your life is to slow down and ask God to show you His presence.  Second, examine your day with an attitude of gratefulness and an openness to see it as Jesus sees it.  Doing this everyday will help you see and think more like Christ.

On May 1st we will be having a Day of Recollection devoted to St. Joseph, the worker.   The guest speaker has spent many years studying the life of St. Joseph.  Also, we will be praying different prayers to St. Joseph, time for questions and answers and  a short video.  The day will start with sign-in at 11:30 am.  At noon we start with welcoming and end by 2:30 pm.  Unfortunately, no food will be served, but there will be a time to break and stretch.  Two parishioners have recently told me how their lives are being transformed now that they have turned to St. Joseph. 

I strongly encourage you to make time in your busy schedule to participate.  This event will be live streamed.  If you are planning on attending in person please email the rectory – or call 674-2374.

St. Joseph pray for us!

In Easter joy,

Fr. David

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