Fasting is not about suffering

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

             Lent starts this Wednesday with a call to Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving. These three are not chores or burdens but are really life preservers.  Not only do they help us ride the waves of change but they help us find Jesus’ promise of abundant life.   Prayer is the way in which we build a stronger relation with the Holy Trinity who love us intimately.  Praying is hard because we find it more rewarding to talk with a friend or are too busy doing other activities to spend time with God who sometimes seems absent.  We seldom realize that the times He seems absent He is touching our heart with Divine love and Healings.  Prayer challenges us to be totally honest and that is hard because we can swing from believing we are the greatest to we are not worth anything.  In prayer Jesus reveals to us that neither extreme is correct.  He reveals to us the wonderful creation we are and the sins that prevent us from being truly alive.  At some point in every prayer time we should have a heart to heart talk with God.

Fasting is not about suffering.  Fasting is the call to move away from all that leads us into darkness and move toward the true Light, Jesus Christ.  Fasting from complaining can help us stay healthy mentally.  Fasting from criticism can help us see more of the good in others.  Remember people are neither good or bad, they usually are both good and bad.  So many times things are not EITHER/OR but BOTH/AND.

Almsgiving is the tool to make the world a better place.  Almsgiving is not just about money, but also your time and talent.  The most valuable gift we can offer is giving of our time.  Taking time to thank someone or God.  Counting our blessings gives us a new vision. Taking time to listen to someone.  Offering your talents so that others can be helped.  Using your treasure so that others my find life and the help they need for themselves and their families.

Other life preservers are the Saints.  I ask you to add St. Joseph to your prayers because he is your spiritual father and loves you like he loves his Son, Jesus.

Almighty Father help us, Your children, to enter this Lenten Season so we can become a new creation in Christ.  St. Joseph pray for us.

Peace and healing,

Fr. David

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