Celebrate the Word of God

From the Desk of Father David

Dear Friends in Christ,

             The Catholic Church celebrates this weekend The Word of God.  Pope Francis’ goal was to encourage Catholics to pray with the Scriptures.  It calls to mind that the Scriptures are infused with the Holy Spirit, enabling us to grow closer to God and hear His voice.   A voice that guides us to deal with the problems we face today.  Studying the Scriptures are beneficial, but when coupled with praying with the Scriptures it becomes extremely beneficial.  When people pray the rosary they are praying with the Scriptures by focusing on the mysteries. 

St. John Paul II promoted praying with the Scriptures because he believed that this is the way to renew and strengthen the Church.  First you invoke the Holy Spirit to enable you to encounter and hear the voice of God.  Then you reverently open to your bible passage.  Begin reading out loud trying to listen to your thoughts and feelings that God is raising up in you.  Spend a moment responding to your reactions trying to understand what God is “saying.”  Then you can return to the passage or simply spend a few moments just resting in Jesus’ presence.  At the end of your prayer time, thank Jesus for spending this special time with you and pick a word or phrase to carry with you until your next prayer time.  Since this whole process is guided by the Holy Spirit it is very flexible.  That is why this method has lasted for hundreds of years.  I suggest starting with a Gospel or the letters of St. Peter.

Let us pray for Bishop Mike Fisher and those who lead our Diocese, President Biden and those who lead our country, and for our broken world. 

Almighty God send forth Your Spirit and renew the face of the earth. 

Peace and healings,

Fr. David

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